Wednesday, 26 April 2017

Else Marie Pade ‎– Et Glasperlespil (2001)

1.   Lyd Og Lys
2.   Syv Cirkler
3.   Faust - Prolog I Himlen
4.   Faust - Faust Og Mefisto
5.   Faust - Faust Og Magrethes Kærlighed
6.   Faust - Magrethes Fordømmelse
7.   Faust - Rejsen Til Bloksbjerg Og Valborgsnat
8.   Glasperlespil II 8:06
9.   Græsstrået

Bennie Maupin ‎– Moonscapes (1978)

A1.   Nightwatch
A2.   Farewell To Rashan
A3.   Anua
B1.   A Promise Kept
B2.   Just Give It Some Time
B3.   Sansho Shima
B4.   Crystals

Bennie Maupin ‎– Slow Traffic To The Right (1977)

A1.   It Remains To Be Seen
A2.   Eternal Flame
A3.   Water Torture
B1.   You Know The Deal
B2.   Lament
B3.   Quasar

Bennie Maupin ‎– The Jewel In The Lotus (1974)

A1.   Ensenada
A2.   Mappo
A3.   Excursion
A4.   Past + Present = Future
B1.   The Jewel In The Lotus
B2.   Winds Of Change
B3.   Song For Tracie Dixon Summers
B4.   Past Is Past