Sunday, 26 February 2017

The Wolfgang Press ‎– Funky Little Demons (1994)

01.   Going South
02.   11 Years
03.   Blood Satisfaction
04.   Chains
05.   Christianity
06.   Derek The Confessor
07.   So Long Dead
08.   Executioner
09.   She's So Soft
10.   New Glass
11.   Fallen Not Broken
12.   People Say

The Wolfgang Press ‎– Queer (1991)

01.   Birmingham
02.   Mama Told Me Not To Come
03.   Heavens Gate
04.   Riders On The Heart
05.   Question Of Time
06.   Louis XIV
07.   Fakes & Liars
08.   Honey Tree
09.   Birdie Song
10.   Dreams & Light
11.   Sucker
12.   Mother Valentine

The Wolfgang Press ‎– Bird Wood Cage (1988)

A1.   King Of Soul
A2.   Raintime
A3.   Bottom Drawer
A4.   Kansas
A5.   Swing Like A Baby
B1.   See My Wife
B2.   The Holey Man
B3.   Hang On Me (For Papa)
B4.   Shut That Door

The Wolfgang Press ‎– Standing Up Straight (1986)

A1.   Dig A Hole
A2.   My Life
A3.   Hammer The Halo
A4.   Bless My Brother
A5.   Fire-Fly
B1.   Ghost
B2.   Rotten Fodder
B3.   Forty Days, Thirty Nights
B4.   I Am The Crime

The Wolfgang Press ‎– The Burden Of Mules (1983)

A1.   Lisa (The Passion)
A2.   Prostitute I
A3.   The Burden Of Mules
A4.   Complete And Utter
A5.   Prostitute II
A6.   Slow As A Child
B1.   Journalists
B2.   Give It Back
B3.   On The Hill