Wednesday, 11 October 2017

Sudden Sway ‎– Spacemate (1986)

The Past
A01.   The Total Love Plug?
A02.   Ah Metal Blossom ?
A03.   Hey Hey Extra Guys?
A04.  Father I Do (Digga Do)?
A05.   Past The Program?
The Present
B01.   Sing Song
B02.   Drink Xtravite
B03.   Get Fartherized
Somewere Else
C01.   O Copper Eskimo
C02.   Fatherise
C03.   The Complete Electrician
The Future
D01.   Omnispend Sway
D02.   Rockyswaystuf
D03.   The Great Smell Of Sway
D04.   Romeoplan
D05.   Dial-A-Change-Sway
D06.   Pro-Defense League
D07.   Official Sway Look
D08.   Project Program
D09.   Swayness The Jingle
D10.   Father's Eyes

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