terça-feira, 31 de outubro de 2017

London Elektricity ‎– Are We There Yet? The Med School Scans (2016)

01.   Tenderless (Whiney Remix)
02.   Singing Ringing Tree (Anile Remix)
03.   Seven Days To Live (Frederic Robinson Remix)
04.   Impossible To Say (Etherwood Remix)
05.   Why Are We Here? (S.P.Y Remix)
06.   That Thing You Did (Kimyan Law Remix)
07.   Parallax (Hidden Element Remix)
08.   Phase Us (Subwave Remix)
09.   Telefunken Lizard Filter (Rawtekk Remix)
10.   Artificial Skin (Keeno VIP)
11.   Drop Ship (Bop Remix)
12.   Swivel (Electrosoul System Remix)
13.   Tape Loops (Villem Remix)
14.   Tone Poem (Royalston Remix)
15.   Artificial Skin (GLXY Remix)

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