Wednesday, 16 May 2018

Steve Reich ‎– Works: 1965-1995 (1997)

Disc One:

01.   Come Out
02.   Piano Phase
03.   It's Gonna Rain - Part I
04.   It's Gonna Rain - Part II
05.   Four Organs

Disc Two:

01.   Part I
02.   Part II
03.   Part III
04.   Part IV

Disc Three:

01.   Music for Mallet Instruments, Voices and Organ
02.   Clapping Music
03.   Six Marimba

Disc Four:

Music for 18 Musicians 
01.   Pulses
02.   Section I
03.   Section II
04.   Section IIIA
05.   Section NIB
06.   Section IV
07.   Section V
08.   Section VI
09.   Section VII
10.   Section VIII
11.   Section IX
12.   Section X
13.   Section XI
14.   Pulses

Disc Five:

01. Eight Lines (Octet)
Tehillim for Voices and Ensemble 
02.   Part I: Fast n:46
03.   Part II: Fast
04.   Part III: SlOW
05.   Part IV: Fast

Disc Six:

The Desert Music
01.   First Movement (Fast)
02.   Second Movement (Moderate) 6
03.   Third Movement, Part One (Slow)
04.   Third Movement, Part Two (Moderate)
05.   Third Movement, Part Three (Slow)
06.   Fourth Movement (Moderate)
07.   Fifth Movement (Fast)

Disc Seven:

New York Counterpoint
01.   Fast
02.   SlOW
03.   Fast
04.   1st Movement
05.   2nd Movement
06.   3rd Movement
07.   4th Movement
08.   5th Movement
The Four Sections
09.   I. Strings (with Winds and Brass) J=80
10.   II. Percussionion J=80
11.   III. Winds and Brass (with Strings) J=120
12.   IV. Full Orchestra J=180

Disc Eight:

Different Trains 
01.   America - Before the war
02.   Europe - During the war
03.   After the war
Electric Counterpoint 
04.   Fast
05.   SlOW
06.   Fast
Three Movements 
07.   Movement I: J=176
08.   Movement II: J=88
09.   Movement III: J=176

Disc Nine:

Excerpts from The Cave 
01.   Typing Music (Genesis XVI)
02.   Who Is Abraham?
03.   Who Is Ishmael?
04.   Genesis XVIII
05.   Genesis XXI
06.   The Casting Out of Ishmael and Hagar
07.   Machpelah Commentary
08.   Genesis XXV
09.   Interior of the Cave
10.   Surah 3
11.   El Khalil Commentary
12.   Who Is Abraham?
13.   Who Is Sarah?
14.   Who Is Hagar?
15.   Who iS Ishmael?
16.   The Binding of Isaac
17.   The Cave of Machpelah

Disc Ten:

01.   Proverb
02.   Nagoya Marimbas
City Life 
03.   I. "Check it OUt"
04.   II. Pile driver / alarms
05.   III. "It's been a honeymoon - Can't take no mo'"
06.   IV. Heartbeats / boats & buoys
7.0   V. "Heavy smoke"


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