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Mbuti Pygmies Of The Rainforest - Recorded By Colin Turnbull and Francis S. Chapman ‎– Mbuti Pygmies Of The Rainforest (1992)

01.   In The Rainforest / Approaching A Forest Camp
02.   Elephant Hunting Song
03.   Elephant-hunt Song
04.   Spear Song
05.   Cries Of Beaters Signalling And Shouting
06.   Honey-Gathering Song
07.   Animal Dance Song
08.   Flute Duet
09.   Flute Solo
10.   Slit-gong Signalling
11.   Mbuti Dance In Bantu Village
12.   Lukembi And Voice
13.   Lukembi (Mbuti)
14.   Bachelor Duet With Lukembi
15.   Musical Bow
16.   Musical Sticks
17.   Nkumbi Initiation Song
18.   First Song Of The Elima
19.   Second Song Of The Elima
20.   First Molimo Fire Dance Song
21.   Second Molimo Fire Dance Song
22.   Molimo Song With Argument
23.   First Molimo Song For Great Occasion
24.   Second Molimo Song For Great Occasion
25.   Molimo Song "Darkness Is Good"
26.   Molimo Song Of Devotion To The Forest

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