sexta-feira, 24 de fevereiro de 2017

Tall Black Guy ‎– Let's Take A Trip (2016)

01.   A Train Is Coming.....
02.   One Device, One Method, One Thing
03.   Rockin From Beginning To End (Featuring – Kenny Keys)
04.   This One Is For The Ladies And Gents (Featuring – Miles Bonny)
05.   The Kids Are Listening Interlude
06.   80's Babies - Don't Box Me In
07.   Beware Of The Groove (Featuring – Mario Sweet)
08.   Come With Me And Fly (Featuring – Yusef Rumperfield)
09.   Is There More To Life (Featuring – Diggs Duke)
10.   I Will Never Know (Featuring – Moonchild)
11.   Mario Smith Speaks On (Featuring – Daniel Crawford)
12.   Things Deeper Than My Skin (Featuring – Ozay Moore)
13.   Peace And Love (Featuring – Masego, Rommel Donald)

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