terça-feira, 28 de fevereiro de 2017

Jonny Trunk ‎– 20,000 Leagues Under The Sea (2016)

A1.   Mobilis In Mobile
A2.   Nemo's Organ 1
A3.   Excellent Zoophytes
A4.   Nemo's Organ 2
A5.   Anenome Jam
A6.   Nemo's Organ 3
A7.   Sea Drift
A8.   Nemo's Organ 4
B1.   Sinking
B2.   Nemo's Organ 5
B3.   Singing Fish
B4.   Nemo's Organ 6
B5.   A Walk On The Bottom Of The Sea
B6.   Nemo's Organ 7
B7    Kraken
B8.   Nemo's Organ 8
B9.   Seven Tenths Of The Earth

domingo, 26 de fevereiro de 2017

The Wolfgang Press ‎– Funky Little Demons (1994)

01.   Going South
02.   11 Years
03.   Blood Satisfaction
04.   Chains
05.   Christianity
06.   Derek The Confessor
07.   So Long Dead
08.   Executioner
09.   She's So Soft
10.   New Glass
11.   Fallen Not Broken
12.   People Say

The Wolfgang Press ‎– Queer (1991)

01.   Birmingham
02.   Mama Told Me Not To Come
03.   Heavens Gate
04.   Riders On The Heart
05.   Question Of Time
06.   Louis XIV
07.   Fakes & Liars
08.   Honey Tree
09.   Birdie Song
10.   Dreams & Light
11.   Sucker
12.   Mother Valentine

The Wolfgang Press ‎– Bird Wood Cage (1988)

A1.   King Of Soul
A2.   Raintime
A3.   Bottom Drawer
A4.   Kansas
A5.   Swing Like A Baby
B1.   See My Wife
B2.   The Holey Man
B3.   Hang On Me (For Papa)
B4.   Shut That Door

The Wolfgang Press ‎– Standing Up Straight (1986)

A1.   Dig A Hole
A2.   My Life
A3.   Hammer The Halo
A4.   Bless My Brother
A5.   Fire-Fly
B1.   Ghost
B2.   Rotten Fodder
B3.   Forty Days, Thirty Nights
B4.   I Am The Crime

The Wolfgang Press ‎– The Burden Of Mules (1983)

A1.   Lisa (The Passion)
A2.   Prostitute I
A3.   The Burden Of Mules
A4.   Complete And Utter
A5.   Prostitute II
A6.   Slow As A Child
B1.   Journalists
B2.   Give It Back
B3.   On The Hill

sábado, 25 de fevereiro de 2017

Thievery Corporation ‎– The Temple Of I & I (2017)

01.   Thief Rockers (Featuring – Zee)
02.   Letter To The Editor (Featuring – Racquel Jones)
03.   Strike The Root (Featuring – Notch)
04.   Ghetto Matrix (Featuring – Mr. Lif)
05.   True Sons Of Zion (Featuring – Notch)
06.   The Temple Of I & I
07.   Time + Space (Featuring – Lou Lou Ghelichkhani)
08.   Love Has No Heart (Featuring – Shana Halligan)
09.   Lose To Find (Featuring – Elin Melgarejo)
10.   Let The Chalice Blaze
11.   Weapons Of Distraction (Featuring – Notch)
12.   Road Block (Featuring – Racquel Jones)
13.   Fight To Survive (Featuring – Mr. Lif)
14.   Babylon Falling (Featuring – Puma)
15.   Drop Your Guns (Featuring – Notch)

sexta-feira, 24 de fevereiro de 2017

Tall Black Guy ‎– Let's Take A Trip (2016)

01.   A Train Is Coming.....
02.   One Device, One Method, One Thing
03.   Rockin From Beginning To End (Featuring – Kenny Keys)
04.   This One Is For The Ladies And Gents (Featuring – Miles Bonny)
05.   The Kids Are Listening Interlude
06.   80's Babies - Don't Box Me In
07.   Beware Of The Groove (Featuring – Mario Sweet)
08.   Come With Me And Fly (Featuring – Yusef Rumperfield)
09.   Is There More To Life (Featuring – Diggs Duke)
10.   I Will Never Know (Featuring – Moonchild)
11.   Mario Smith Speaks On (Featuring – Daniel Crawford)
12.   Things Deeper Than My Skin (Featuring – Ozay Moore)
13.   Peace And Love (Featuring – Masego, Rommel Donald)

Tall Black Guy Productions – Hoolyweird 2.0 (2011)

01.   You Make Me Feel So Good (DJ Lady Love)
02.   At Ease
03.   Dan Tien2 (Inspired By RadiusETC)
04.   Speak Love
05.   Golden Sun (Tribute to Blackalicious)
06.   I Wanna Play Summthin For You
07.   Love Hurts (Feat. Primeridian)
08.   Ride The Cali Sun
09.   Sonic Controller
10.   Oh No (Feat. Dee Jackson & YahMan)

William Onyeabor ‎– William Onyeabor (2014)

Crashes In Love (1st Version)
1-1.   Something You'll Never Forget
1-2.   Ride On Baby
1-3.   Crashes In Love
1-4.   Heaven & Hell
1-5.   Jungle Gods
Crashes In Love (2nd Version)
2-1.   Something You'll Never Forget
2-2.   Ride On Baby
2-3.   Crashes In Love
2-4.   Heaven & Hell
Atomic Bomb
3-1.   Beautiful Baby
3-2.   Better Change Your Mind
3-3.   Atomic Bomb
3-4.   Shame
3-5.   I Need You All Life
4-1.   Tomorrow
4-2.   Why Go To War
4-3.   Love Me Now
4-4.   Fantastic Man
4-5.   Try And Try
Body & Soul
5-1.   The Way To Win Your Love
5-2.   Poor Boy
5-3.   Body And Soul
5-4.   Believe In God
Great Lover
6-1.   Tell Me What You Want
6-2.   Great Lover
6-3.   Love Is Blind
6-4.   I've Got Love
7-1.   The Moon And The Sun
7-2.   Papa Na Mama
7-3.   Hypertension
7-4.   Politicians
Good Name
8-1.   Good Name
8-2.   Let's Fall In Love
Anything You Sow
9-1.   When The Going Is Smooth & Good
9-2.   This Kind Of World
9-3.   Anything You Sow
9-4.   Everyday

quinta-feira, 23 de fevereiro de 2017

Ella Fitzgerald With Chick Webb – Swingsation (1998)

01.   Sing Me A Swing Song (And Let Me Dance)
02.   Blue Minor
03.   When I Get Low I Get High
04.   A Little Bit Later On
05.   Don't Be That Way
06.   Vote For Mr. Rhythm
07.   Organ Grinder's Swing
08.   Blue Lou
09.   Oh Yes, Take Another Guess
10.   I Want To Be Happy
11.   Clap Hands! Here Comes Charlie
12.   A-Tisket, A-Tasket
13.   I'm Just A Jitterbug
14.   Harlem Conga
15.   Wacky Dust
16.   Undecided
17.   Tain't What You Do (It's The Way That Cha Do It)
18.   Liza (All The Clouds'll Roll Away)

Ella Fitzgerald ‎– The Chronological Ella Fitzgerald 1938 - 1939 (1990)

01.   Heart Of Mine
02.   I'm Just A Jitterbug
03.   This Time It's Real
04.   (Oh, Oh) What Do You Know About Love?
05.   You Can't Be Mine (And Someone Else's Too)
06.   We Can't Go On This Way
07.   Saving Myself For You
08.   If You Only Knew
09.   Pack Up Your Sins And Go To The Devil
10.   Macpherson Is Rehearsin' (To Swing)
11.   Everybody Step
12.   Ella
13.   Wacky Dust
14.   Gotta Pebble In My Shoe
15.   I Can't Stop Loving You
16.   Strictly From Dixie
17.   Woe Is Me
18.   I Let A Tear Fall In The River
19.   F.D.R. Jones
20.   I Love Each Move You Make
21.   It's Foxy
22.   I've Found My Yellow Basket
23.   Undecided

Soul Clap ‎– Soul Clap (2016)

01.   The Hourchild Introduces
02.   Future 4 Love (Ft. Billy "Bass" Nelson, Nick Monaco)
03.   Synthesizer Girlfriend (Ft. Hazmat Talkbox, Ntem)
04.   F#@k Sorrow
05.   Shine (This Is It) (Ft. Nona Hendryx)
06.   Numb (Ft. Ebony Houston)
07.   Dirty Leslie (Ft. Wolf + Lamb)
08.   Elevation (Ft. Dayonne Rollins, Freeky Neek, Ricky Tan)
09.   Timespent (Ft. Phill Celeste)
10.   B.O.G.
11.   Funk Bomb (Ft. Billy "Bass" Nelson)

quarta-feira, 22 de fevereiro de 2017

A Forest Mighty Black ‎– A Forest Mighty Black (2014)

01.   Because Of...
02.   A Tribute
03.   All My Lovin'
04.   Circumstances
05.   Suite For B-Boy
06.   And You Know
07.   Somewhere
08.   And I Still Grow
09.   Jade Knights, 2
10.   Untitled
11.   Vivement Dimanche!
12.   It's All Inside

A Forest Mighty Black ‎– Mellowdramatic (1997)

01.   Minigame
02.   Duel With A So(u)l
03.   Everything
04.   Tides
05.   Duo Trippin'
06.   Reflections Of A Fake Night
07.   The 9 To 5 (Is Killing Me)
08.   Fresh In My Mind
09.   Rebirth
10.   Till The End

terça-feira, 21 de fevereiro de 2017

Shabaka And The Ancestors ‎– Wisdom Of Elders (2106)

1.   Mzwandile
2.   Joyous
3.   The Observer
4.   The Sea
5.   Natty
6.   Give Thanks
7.   Nguni

Clan Of Xymox ‎– Clan Of Xymox (1985)

A1.   A Day
A2.   No Words
A3.   Stumble And Fall
A4.   Cry In The Wind
B1.   Stranger
B2.   Equal Ways
B3.   7th Time
B4.   No Human Can Drown

Osamu Kitajima ‎– Sweet Chaos (1989)

1.   Faceless Joker
2.   Castaway
3.   I Feel Fine
4.   Along The Beam
5.   Living Colours
6.   Shadow Warrior
7.   Sweet Chaos
8.   East Enough Blues
9.   River Rogue

Osamu Kitajima ‎– Silky Age (1988)

01.   Heart Land
02.   Back Street To Paradise
03.   Leading Edge
04.   Soul Foundation
05.   Samurai Lover
06.   White In Flight
07.   Eastern Eyes, Western Skies
08.   Aroma
09.   Wheels Within Wheels
10.   My Magical Ichiban
11.   Escape Space
12.   Silky Age

segunda-feira, 20 de fevereiro de 2017

Osamu Kitajima ‎– FM Shrine (1987)

A1.   FM Shrine
A2.   The Bronze Mirror
A3.   Ancient MIDI Stars
A4.   Secret Lagoon
A5.   Passages
B1.   Ebb And Flow
B2.   Mystic Knot
B3.   Thoughts Ago
B4.   Passages (Version For Strings & Koto)

Osamu Kitajima ‎– The Source (1984)

A1.   Heavensent
B1.   Thru Cosmic Doors
B2.   Eye To I

Osamu Kitajima ‎– Dragon King (1981)

A1.   Hot Strings Invasion 津軽攻め
A2.   Lake Spirit 湖心
A3.   Say You Will セイ・ユー・ウィル
A4.   Share My Love シェア・マイ・ラブ
B1.   Dragon King 竜王
B2.   Willow Pattern 柳模様
B3.   Yamamé 山女

Osamu Kitajima ‎– Masterless Samurai (1980)

A1.   Golden Mean
A2.   Wild Monk
A3.   Sei... Essence
A4.   Where Is The Real Japan?
A5.   Masterless Samurai
B1.   Breath Of Night
B2.   Edo Townsfolk
B3.   Floating Garden
B4.   Koshaku... To The Point
B5.   Whoga... Grace

Osamu Kitajima ‎– Osamu (1977)

A1.   Sui-In
A2.   Frost Flowers
A3.   Hear The Rain, See It Fall
A4.   Endless Steps
A5.   Yesterday And Karma
B1.   Purple Hills And Crystal Streams
B2.   Elemental Spirits
B3.   Fur, Fin And Feather
B4.   Sui-Yo

sábado, 18 de fevereiro de 2017

Osamu Kitajima ‎– Benzaiten (1974)

A1.   Benzaiten (God Of Music And Water)
A2.   Taiyo (The Sun)
A3.   Tengu (A Long-Nosed Goblin)
B1.   Benzaiten (Reprise)
B2.   Whoma (Immortality)