Saturday, 31 December 2016

Robert Wyatt ‎– Comicopera (2007)

01.   Stay Tuned
02.   Just As You Are
03.   You You
04.   Hattie
05.   Comic Opera
06.   Beautiful Peace
07.   Do Us A Favour
08.   On The Town Square
09.   Mob Rule
10.   Beautiful War
11.   Something Unbelievable
12.   Del Mondo
13.   Mar De Sueno
14.   Pastafari
15.   Just As You Are Loop
16.   Hasta Siempre

Robert Wyatt ‎– Cuckooland (2003)

01.   Just A Bit
02.   Old Europe
03.   Tom Hay's Fox
04.   Forest
05.   Beware
06.   Cuckoo Madame
07.   Raining In My Heart
08.   Lullaby For Hamza
09.   Trickle Down
10.   Insensatez
11.   Mister E
12.   Lullaloop
13.   Life Is Sheep
14.   Foreign Accents
15.   Brian The Fox
16.   La Ahada Yalam (No-One Knows)

Robert Wyatt ‎– Shleep (1997)

01.   Heaps Of Sheeps
02.   The Duchess
03.   Maryan
04.   Was A Friend
05.   Free Will And Testament
06.   September The Ninth
07.   Alien
08.   Out Of Season
09.   A Sunday In Madrid
10.   Blues In Bob Minor
11.   The Whole Point Of No Return

Robert Wyatt ‎– Dondestan (1991)

01.   Costa
02.   The Sight Of The Wind
03.   Catholic Architecture
04.   Worship
05.   Shrinkrap
06.   CP Jeebies
07.   Left On Man
08.   Lisp Service
09.   N.I.O. (New Information Service)
10.   Dondestan

Robert Wyatt ‎– Nothing Can Stop Us (1981)

A1.   Robert Wyatt - Born Again Cretin
A2.   Robert Wyatt - At Last I Am Free
A3.   Robert Wyatt - Caimanera
A4.   Robert Wyatt - Grass
A5.   Robert Wyatt - Stalin Wasn't Stallin'
B1.   Robert Wyatt - Red Flag
B2.   Robert Wyatt - Strange Fruit
B3.   Robert Wyatt - Arauco
B4.   Disharhi - Trade Union
B5.   Peter Blackman - Stalingrad

Robert Wyatt ‎– Ruth Is Stranger Than Richard (1975)

Side Ruth
A1.   Soup Song
A2.   Sonia
A3.   Team Spirit
A4.   Song For Che
Side Richard
B1.   Muddy Mouse (A)
B2.   Solar Flares
B3.   Muddy Mouse (B)
B4.   5 Black Notes And 1 White Note
B5.   Muddy Mouse (C) / Muddy Mouth

Robert Wyatt ‎– Rock Bottom (1974)

A1.   Sea Song
A2.   A Last Straw
A3.   Little Red Riding Hood Hit The Road
B1.   Alifib
B2.   Alifie
B3.   Little Red Robin Hood Hit The Road

Robert Wyatt ‎– The End Of An Ear (1970)

A1.   Las Vagas Tango Part 1 (Repeat)
A2.   To Mark Everywhere
A3.   To Saintly Bridget
A4.   To Oz Alien Daevyd And Gilly
A5.   To Nick Everyone
B1.   To Caravan And Brother Jim
B2.   To The Old World (Thank You For The Use Of Your Body, Goodbye)
B3.   To Carla Marsha And Caroline (For Making Everything Beautifuller)
B4.   Las Vegas Tango - Part 1