Monday, 12 December 2016

Mandy More ‎– But That Is Me (1972)

01.   But That Is Me
02.   Listen Babe
03.   For To Find The Dafodil
04.   Fine
05.   Harvey Muscletoe
06.   Come With Me To Jesus
07.   If Not By Fire
08.   Alone In My Yellow
09.   Matthew Brought Me Flowers
10.   If I Smile On Saturday
11.   I'm Too Tall To Cry
12.   God Only Knows
13.   San Francisco Sam
14.   Coffee Cups
15.   Every Mother's Child
16.   Blue Seasons
17.   Rose-Coloured Window

Raphaël ‎– Stop, Look, Listen (1972)

A1.   Archangelo
A2.   Hommage A Kabylie
B1.   Dead Sea Scrolls
B2.   Night Crawler

Dr. John, The Night Tripper ‎– Remedies (1970)

A1.   Loop Garoo
A2.   What Goes Around Comes Around
A3.   Wash, Mama, Wash
A4.   Chippy, Chippy
A5.   Mardi Gras Day
B1.   Angola Anthem

Gabor Szabo ‎– High Contrast (1971)

A1.   Breezin'
A2.   Amazon
A3.   Fingers
A4.   Azure Blue
B1.   Just A Little Communication
B2.   If You Don't Want My Love
B3.   I Remember When