Tuesday, 29 November 2016

Echo And The Bunnymen ‎– Ocean Rain (1984)

A1.   Silver
A2.   Nocturnal Me
A3.   Crystal Days
A4.   The Yo Yo Man
A5.   Thorn Of Crowns
B1.   The Killing Moon
B2.   Seven Seas
B3.   My Kingdom
B4.   Ocean Rain

Echo And The Bunnymen ‎– Porcupine (1983)

A1.   The Cutter
A2.   Back Of Love
A3.   My White Devil
A4.   Clay
A5.   Porcupine
B1.   Heads Will Roll
B2.   Ripeness
B3.   Higher Hell
B4.   Gods Will Be Gods
B5.   In Bluer Skies

Echo And The Bunnymen ‎– Heaven Up Here (1981)

A1.   Show Of Strength
A2.   With A Hip
A3.   Over The Wall
A4.   It Was A Pleasure
A5.   A Promise
B1.   Heaven Up Here
B2.   The Disease
B3.   All My Colours
B4.   No Dark Things
B5.   Turquoise Days
B6.   All I Want