Wednesday, 12 October 2016

The Monochrome Set ‎– The Lost Weekend (1985)

A1.   Jacob's Ladder
A2.   Sugarplum
A3.   Cargo
A4.   Take Foz
A5.   Letter From Viola
B1.   Don't Touch
B2.   The Twitch
B3.   Wallflower
B4.   Starry Nowhere
B5.   Boom Boom
B6.   Cowboy Country

The Monochrome Set ‎– Eligible Bachelors (1982)

A1.   The Jet Set Junta
A2.   I'll Scry Instead
A3.   On The 13th Day
A4.   Cloud 10
A5.   The Mating Game
A6.   March Of The Eligible Bachelors
B1.   The Devil Rides Out
B2.   Fun For All The Family
B3.   The Midas Touch
B4.   The Ruling Class
B5.   The Great Barrier Riff

The Monochrome Set ‎– "Strange Boutique" (1980)

A1.   The Monochrome Set (I Presume)
A2.   The Lighter Side Of Dating
A3.   Espresso
A4.   The Puerto Rican Fence Climber
A5.   Tomorrow Will Be Too Long
A6.   Martians Go Home
B1.   Love Goes Down The Drain
B2.   Ici Les Enfants
B3.   The Etcetera Stroll
B4.   Goodbye Joe
B5.   The Strange Boutique

John Cale ‎– EP: Extra Playful (2011)

1.   Catastrofuk
2.   Whaddya Mean By That
3.   Hey Ray
4.   Pile A L’Heure
5.   Perfection