Thursday, 6 October 2016

Revolting Cocks ‎– Live! You Goddamned Son Of A Bitch (1988)

01.   You Goddamned Son Of A Bitch
02.   Cattle Grind
03.   We Shall Cleanse The World
04.   38
05.   In The Neck
06.   You Often Forget
07.   TV Mind
08.   Union Carbide
09.   Attack Ships On Fire
10.   No Devotion

Revolting Cocks ‎– Big Sexy Land (1986)

A1.   38
A2.   We Shall Cleanse The World
A3.   Attack Ships On Fire
A4.   Big Sexy Land
B1.   Union Carbide [West Virginia Version]
B2.   T.V. Mind
B3.   No Devotion
B4.   Union Carbide [Bhopal Version]

Butthole Surfers ‎– Piouhgd (1991)

01.   Revolution Part 1
02.   Revolution Part 2
03.   Lonesome Bulldog
04.   Lonesome Bulldog II
05.   The Hurdy Gurdy Man
06.   Golden Showers
07.   Lonesome Bulldog III
08.   Blindman
09.   No, I'm Iron Man
10.   Something
11.   P.S.Y.
12.   Lonesome Bulldog IV
13.   Barking Dogs

Penguin Cafe Orchestra ‎– Broadcasting From Hom (1984)

A1.   Music For A Found Harmonium
A2.   Prelude & Yodel
A3.   More Milk
A4.   Sheep Dip
A5.   White Mischief
A6.   In The Back Of A Taxi
B1.   Music By Numbers
B2.   Another One From The Colonies
B3.   Air
B4.   Heartwind
B5.   Isle Of View (Music For Helicopter Pilots)
B6.   Now Nothing