Saturday, 1 October 2016

Cluster & Eno ‎– Cluster & Eno (1977)

A1.   Ho Renomo
A2.   Schone Hande
A3.   Steinsame
A4.   Wehrmut
B1.   Mit Simaen
B2.   Selange
B3.   Die Bunge
B4.   One
B5.   Fur Luise

Brian Eno ‎– Music For Films (1976)

A01.   Becalmed
A02.   Deep Waters
A03.   'There Is Nobody'
A04.   Spain
A05.   Untitled
A06.   The Last Door
A07.   Chemin De Fer
A08.   Dark Waters
A09.   Sparrowfall (1)
A10.   Sparrowfall (2)
A11.   Sparrowfall (3)
A12.   Evening Star
A13.   Another Green World
B01.   In Dark Trees
B02.   Fuseli
B03.   Melancholy Waltz
B04.   Northern Lights
B05.   From The Coast
B06.   Shell
B07.   Little Fishes
B08.   Empty Landscape
B09.   Reactor
B10.   The Secret
B11.   Don't Look Back
B12.   Marseilles
B13.   Final Sunset
B14.   Juliet

Brian Eno ‎– Discreet Music (1975)

A1.   Discreet Music
B1.   Fullness Of Wind
B2.   French Catalogues
B3.   Brutal Ardour

Brian Eno ‎– Taking Tiger Mountain (By Strategy) (1974)

A1.   Burning Airlines Give You So Much More
A2.   Back In Judy's Jungle
A3.   The Fat Lady Of Limbourg
A4.   Mother Whale Eyeless
A5.   The Great Pretender
B1.   Third Uncle
B2.   Put A Straw Under Baby
B3.   The True Wheel
B4.   China My China
B5.   Taking Tiger Mountain