Thursday, 22 September 2016

Sofa Surfers ‎– Constructions: Sofa Surfers Remixed And Dubbed (2000)

01.   If It Were Not For You (Ian Simmonds Remix)
02.   The Low Rider / The Long Rider (Sofa Surfers Remix)
03.   Sofa Rockers (Richard Dorfmeister Remix)
04.   Beans And Rice Dub (Mad Professor Remix)
05.   Tsetse Fly (Hi Tek Steppas Meet The Demon Flowers Uptown Remix)
06.   Teig
07.   Container/The Low Rider Meltdown (Enduro Remix)
08.   Life In Malmö (Mum Remix)
09.   Guns 'N' Bombs 'N' Knives (Eardrum Remix)
10.   Scissors, Paper, Stone Collage (The Sons Of Silence Remix)
11.   Sweat (Tom Tyler Remix)
12.   Container (Howie B Remix)
13.   Walking Ghosts (Uko Remix)
14.   Asked For Water (I Asked For A Remix For Another Planet) (Spectre Remix)