Friday, 19 August 2016

The Triffids ‎– The Triffids Present The Black Swan (1989)

A1.   Too Hot To Move, Too Hot To Think
A2.   American Sailors
A3.   Falling Over You
A4.   Goodbye Little Boy
A5.   Bottle Of Love
A6.   The Spinning Top Song
A7.   Butterflies Into Worms
B1.   The Clown Prince
B2.   Good Fortune Rose
B3.   New Year's Greetings (The Country Widower)
B4.   One Mechanic Town
B5.   Blackeyed Susan
B6.   Fairytale Love

The Triffids ‎– Calenture (1987)

A1.   Bury Me Deep In Love
A2.   Kelly's Blues
A3.   A Trick Of The Light
A4.   Hometown Farewell Kiss
A5.   Unmade Love
A6.   Open For You
B1.   Holy Water
B2.   Blinder By The Hour
B3.   Vagabond Holes
B4.   Jerdacuttup Man
B5.   Calenture
B6.   Save What You Can

The Triffids ‎– Born Sandy Devotional (1986)

A1.   The Seabirds
A2.   Estuary Bed
A3.   Chicken Killer
A4.   Tarrilup Bridge
A5.   Lonely Stretch
B1.   Wide Open Road
B2.   Life Of Crime
B3.   Personal Things
B4.   Stolen Property
B5.   Tender Is The Night (The Long Fidelity)

The Triffids ‎– In The Pines (1986)

A1.   Suntrapper
A2.   In The Pines
A3.   Kathy Knows
A4.   25 To 5
A5.   Do You Want Me Near You?
A6.   Once A Day
B1.   Just Might Fade Away
B2.   Better Off This Way
B3.   Only One Life
B4.   Keep Your Eyes On The Hole
B5.   One Soul Less On Your Fiery List
B6.   Born Sandy Devotional
B7.   Love And Affection

The Triffids ‎– Treeless Plain (1984)

A1.   Red Pony
A2.   Branded
A3.   My Baby Thinks She's A Train
A4.   Rosevel
A5.   I Am A Lonesome Hobo
A6.   Place In The Sun
B1.   Plaything
B2.   Old Ghostrider
B3.   Hanging Shed
B4.   Hell Of A Summer
B5.   Madeline
B6.   Nothing Can Take Your Place

Throbbing Gristle ‎– 20 Jazz Funk Greats (1979)

A1.   20 Jazz Funk Greats
A2.   Beachy Head
A3.   Still Walking
A4.   Tanith
A5.   Convincing People
A6.   Exotica
B1.   Hot On The Heels Of Love
B2.   Persuasion
B3.   Walkabout
B4.   What A Day
B5.   Six Six Sixties

Throbbing Gristle ‎– D.o.A. The Third And Final Report (1978)

A1.   I.B.M.
A2.   Hit By A Rock
A3.   United
A4.   Valley Of The Shadow Of Death
A5.   Dead On Arrival
A6.   Weeping
B1.   Hamburger Lady
B2.   Hometime
B3.   AB/7A
B4.   E-Coli
B5.   Death Threats
B6.   Walls Of Sound
B7.   Blood On The Floor

Throbbing Gristle ‎– The Second Annual Report(1977)

A1.   Industrial Introduction
A2.   Slug Bait (ICA)
A3.   Slug Bait (Live At Southampton)
A4.   Slug Bait (Live At Brighton)
A5.   Maggot Death (Studio)
A6.   Maggot Death (Live At Rat Club)
A7.   Maggot Death (Live At Southampton)
A8.   Maggot Death (Live At Brighton)
B1.   'After Cease To Exist' - The Original Soundtrack Of The Coum Transmission Film