Sunday, 31 July 2016

Stravinsky Conducts Columbia Symphony Orchestra ‎– Le Sacre Du Printemps (1960)

        Première Partie: L' Adoration De La Terre
01.   Introduction (Lento)
02.   Les Augures Printaniers / Danses Des Adolescentes
03.   Jeu Du Rapt
04.   Rondes Printanières
05.   Jeux Des Cités Rivales
06.   Cortège Du Sage
        Adoration De La Terre / Danse De La Terre
07.   Seconde Partie: Le Sacrifice
08.   Introduction (Largo)
09.   Cercles Mystérieux Des Adolescentes
10.   Glorification De L'Élue
11.   Evocation Des Ancêtres
12.   Action Rituelle Des Ancêtres
13.   Danse Sacrale (L'Élue)

Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds ‎– The Good Son (1990)

1.   Foi Na Cruz
2.   The Good Son
3.   Sorrow's Child
4.   The Weeping Song
5.   The Ship Song
6.   The Hammer Song
7.   Lament
8.   The Witness Song
9.   Lucy

Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds ‎– Tender Prey (1988)

A1.   The Mercy Seat
A2.   Up Jumped The Devil
A3.   Deanna
A4.   Watching Alice
A5.   Mercy
B1.   City Of Refuge
B2.   Slowly Goes The Night
B3.   Sunday's Slave
B4.   Sugar Sugar Sugar
B5.   New Morning

Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds ‎– Kicking Against The Pricks (1986)

A1.   Muddy Water
A2.   I'm Gonna Kill That Woman
A3.   Sleeping Annaleah
A4.   Long Black Veil
A5.   Hey Joe
A6.   The Singer
B1.   All Tomorrow's Parties
B2.   By The Time I Get To Phoenix
B3.   The Hammer Song
B4.   Something's Gotten Hold Of My Heart
B5.   Jesus Met The Woman At The Well
B6.   The Carnival Is Over

Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds ‎– Your Funeral ... My Trial (1986)

A1.   Sad Waters
A2.   The Carny
A3.   Your Funeral My Trial
A4.   Stranger Than Kindness
B1.   Jack's Shadow
B2.   Hard On For Love
B3.   She Fell Away
B4.   Long Time Man

Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds ‎– The Firstborn Is Dead (1985)

A1.   Tupelo
A2.   Say Goodbye To The Little Girl Tree
A3.   Train Long-Suffering
A4.   Black Crow King
B1.   Knockin' On Joe
B2.   Wanted Man
B3.   Blind Lemon Jefferson

Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds ‎– From Her To Eternity (1984)

A1.   Avalanche
A2.   Cabin Fever!
A3.   Well Of Misery
A4.   From Her To Eternity
B1.   Saint Huck
B2.   Wings Off Flies
B3.   A Box For Black Paul