Monday, 13 June 2016

Beak> ‎– Beak>> (2012)

01.   The Gaol
02.   Yatton
03.   Spinning Top
04.   Egg Dog
05.   Liar
06.   Ladies Mile
07.   Wulfstan II
08.   Elevator
09.   Deserters
10.   Kidney

Josh Ritter ‎– The Animal Years (2006)

01.   Girl In The War
02.   Wolves
03.   Monster Ballads
04.   Lillian Egypt
05.   Idaho
06.   In The Dark
07.   One More Mouth
08.   Good Man
09.   Best For The Best
10.   Thin Blue Flame
11.   Here At The Right Time

Josh Ritter ‎– Josh Ritter (1999)

01.   Leaves And Kings
02.   Beautiful Night
03.   Hotel Song
04.   Paint Your Picture
05.   Angels On Her Shoulders
06.   Morning Is A Long Way Down
07.   Potters Wheel
08.   Letter From Omaha
09.   Last Ditch Effort (See You Try)
10.   Paths Will Cross
11.   Pretty Polly
12.   Horrible Qualities (...And Stuck To You)

Ben Weaver ‎– Stories Under Nails (2004)

01.   Grieve All You Want
02.   Voice In The Wilderness
03.   Old Mission
04.   Sway With Me
05.   John Martin
06.   Cold House
07.   Like A Wound
08.   40 Watt Bulb
09.   Handed Down
10.   Old Mule
11.   Broken By 2
12.   Ragged Words

XTC ‎– Skylarking (1986)

A1.   Summer's Cauldron
A2.   Grass
A3.   The Meeting Place
A4.   That's Really Super, Supergirl
A5.   Ballet For A Rainy Day
A6.   1000 Umbrellas
A7.   Season Cycle
B1.   Earn Enough For Us
B2.   Big Day
B3.   Another
B4.   Mermaid Smiled
B5.   The Man Who Sailed Around His Soul
B6.   Dying
B7.   Sacrificial Bonfire

XTC ‎– The Big Express (1984)

A1.   Wake Up
A2.   All You Pretty Girls
A3.   Shake You Donkey Up
A4.   Seagulls Screaming Kiss Her Kiss Her
A5.   This World Over
B1.   The Everyday Story Of Smalltown
B2.   I Bought Myself A Liarbird
B3.   Reign Of Blows
B4.   You're The Wish You Are I Had
B5.   I Remember The Sun
B6.   Train Running Low On Soul Coal

XTC ‎– Mummer (1983)

A1.   Beating Of Hearts
A2.   Wonderland
A3.   Love On A Farmboy's Wages
A4.   Great Fire
A5.   Deliver Us From The Elements
B1.   Human Alchemy
B2.   Ladybird
B3.   In Loving Memory Of A Name
B4.   Me And The Wind
B5.   Funk Pop A Roll

XTC ‎– English Settlement (1982)

A1.   Runaways
A2.   Ball And Chain
A3.   Senses Working Overtime
A4.   Jason And The Argonauts
B1.   No Thugs In Our House
B2.   Yacht Dance
B3.   All Of A Sudden (It's Too Late)
C1.   Melt The Guns
C2.   Leisure
C3.   It's Nearly Africa
C4.   Knuckle Down
D1.   Fly On The Wall
D2.   Down In The Cockpit
D3.   English Roundabout
D4.   Snowman

Melon ‎– Do You Like Japan? (1982)

1.   Do You Like Japan?
2.   O.D. (Optimistic Depression)
3.   Honey Dew
4.   Song Of Apollo
5.   I Will Call You (& Other Famous Last Words)
6.   Million Years Picnic
7.   Don't Worry About After Death (Shaka Shaka Nippon)
8.   Neutron Nevada Never Say Die
9.   Final Newsar