Saturday, 7 May 2016

The Go-Betweens ‎– Before Hollywood (1983)

A1.   A Bad Debt Follows You
A2.   Two Steps Step Out
A3.   Before Hollywood
A4.   Dusty In Here
A5.   Ask
B1.   Cattle And Cane
B2.   By Chance
B3.   As Long As That
B4.   On My Block
B5.   That Way

Japan ‎– Adolescent Sex (1978)

A1.   Transmission
A2.   The Unconventional
A3.   Wish You Were Black
A4.   Performance
A5.   Lovers On Main Street
A6.   Don't Rain On My Parade
B1.   Suburban Love
B2.   Adolescent Sex
B3.   Communist China
B4.   Television

Junior Boys ‎– Last Exit (2004)

01.   More Than Real
02.   Bellona
03.   High Come Down
04.   Last Exit
05.   Neon Rider
06.   Birthday
07.   Under The Sun
08.   Three Words
09.   Teach Me How To Fight
10.   When I'm Not Around
11.   Unbirthday
12.   Last Exit (Fennesz Mix)
13.   Birthday (Caribou Mix)
14.   A Certain Association

Cachupa Psicadélica ‎– Último Caboverdiano Triste (2015)

1.   Eden Park
2.   Alternativa imaginário Caboverdiano
3.   Alternativa imaginário Caboverdiano 2.1
4.   Ca mistid mentira
5.   Oia Bote
6.   3/4 de Bô
7.   Carnaval tradição
8.   Amor d'1 Laranjeira

Talking Heads ‎– Talking Heads: 77 (1977)

A1.   Uh-Oh, Love Comes To Town
A2.   New Feeling
A3.   Tentative Decisions
A4.   Happy Day
A5.   Who Is It?
A6.   No Compassion
B1.   The Book I Read
B2.   Don't Worry About The Government
B3.   First Week / Last Week...Carefree
B4.   Psychokiller
B5.   Pulled Up

Tandyn Almer ‎– Along Comes Tandyn (2013)

01.   Find Yourself
02.   You Turn Me Around
03.   Anything You Want
04.   About Where Love Is
05.   Everytime I Take You Back To Me
06.   There's Gotta Be A Way
07.   Alice Designs
08.   Face Down In The Mud
09.   Where Will They Go
10.   Escape
11.   Victims Of Chance
12.   Bring Your Own Self Down
13.   I Get High
14.   Menagerie Of Man
15.   Sunset Strip Soliloquy

The Go-Betweens ‎– Send Me A Lullaby (1982)

A1.   Your Turn, My Turn
A2.   One Thing Can Hold Us
A3.   People Know
A4.   The Girls Have Moved
A5.   Midnight To Neon
A6.   Eight Pictures
B1.   Careless
B2.   All About Strength
B3.   Ride
B4.   Hold Your Horses
B5.   Arrow In A Bow
B6.   It Could Be Anyone

The Grief ‎– Daedalus (1991)

1.   Untitled
2.   Untitled
3.   Untitled
4.   Untitled
5.   Untitled
6.   Untitled
7.   Untitled
8.   Untitled

Biota ‎– Bellowing Room / Tinct (1990)

Bellowing Room
1.   A
2.   B
3.   (silence)
4.   Tottery
5.   Motives
6.   Riddled
7.   Astray
8.   Lapse