quarta-feira, 7 de dezembro de 2016

VA – Cold Heat - Heavy Funk Rarities 1968-1974 Vol.1 (2004)

A1.   Carleen & The Groovers - The Thing
A2.   Amnesty - Free Your Mind
A3.   Detroit Sex Machines - The Stretch (Edit)
B1.   Michael Liggins And The Super Souls - Loaded To The Gills (Edit)
B2.   Kenny Smith & The Loveliters - Go For Your Self (Edit)
B3.   Dayton Sidewinders - Slipping Into Darkness
C1.   The Apollo Commanders - James Brown Medley ("I Made A Mistake / Lowdown Popcorn" Edit)
C2.   Lil' Lavair And The Fabulous Jades - Cold Heat
C3.   The Soul Seven - The Cissy's Thang
C4.   L.A. Carnival - Color (Original 7" Version)
C5.   The Aristocrats - Don't Go
D1.   The Soul Seven - Mr. Chicken (Alternate Take)
D2.   Leon Mitchison - Street Scene
D3.   Kashmere Stage Band - Scorpio
D4.   Leroy & The Drivers - The Sad Chicken

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