terça-feira, 1 de novembro de 2016

Fred Frith ‎– "The Technology Of Tears" And Other Music For Dance And Theatre (1988)

The Technology Of Tears
A01.   Sadness, Its Bones Bleached Behind Us
A02.   You Are What You Eat
B01.   You Are What You Eat (Continued)
B02.   The Palace Of Laughter, The Technology Of Tears
C01.   Jigsaw
C02.   Jigsaw Coda
D01.   Shelter From Them All
D02.   A Deeper Understanding Of Conflict
D03.   The Turning Of An Hourglass
D04.   Birth Of A Rebel
D05.   Your Beautiful Corpse
D06.   The Excellent Hyena
D07.   The Old Man Moves A Mountain
D08.   The Wolf Demon (Part 1)
D09.   Meditation Upon Propaganda
D10.   Liberty
D11.   The Relentless Landscape
D12.   The Gaze That Sings
D13.   The Wolf Demon (Part 2)
D14.   Rashomon

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