Wednesday, 26 October 2016

José Mauro ‎– Obnoxius (1970)

A1.   Obnóxius
A2.   Tarde De Núpcias
A3.   Memória
A4.   Ponto De Chamada
A5.   As Aventuras Sentimentais De Espiroqueta Camargo
B1.   Talismã
B2.   Arraial Da Lua Cheia
B3.   Ancoradouro
B4.   Canção Da Casa Iluminada
B5.   Apocalipse
B6.   Exaltação E Lamento Do Último Rei

Ryo Fukui ‎– Scenery (1976)

A1.   It Could Happen To You
A2.   I Want To Talk About You
A3.   Early Summer
B1.   Willow Weep For Me
B2.   Autumn Leaves
B3.   Scenery

Jiro Inagaki & Soul Media ‎– Funky Stuff (1975)

A1.   Painted Paradise
A2.   Funky Motion
A3.   Breeze
A4.   Scratch
B5.   Funky Stuff
B6.   One For Jiro
B7.   Gentle Wave
B8.   Four Up

Jiro Inagaki & His Soul Media ‎– Head Rock (1970)

A1.   The Vamp
A2.   Twenty One
A3.   Spoonful
B1.   Back To Rack
B2.   High Jack
B3.   The Ground For Peace
B4.   Head Rock

Takeshi Inomata & Sound Limited ‎– Innocent Canon (1970)

1.   Introduction
2.   The Death Of Janis
3.   Go For Nothing
4.   Child&I
5.   Blue
6.   Alone
7.   Epilog

Takeshi Inomata & Sound Limited ‎– Sounds Of Sound L.T.D. (1970)

A1.   Theme~Mustache
A2.   Tak's Tune
A3.   Joint
B1.   Monster
B2.   Lullaby For Yuh
B3.   Scotland Scene
B4.   Theme

Tuesday, 25 October 2016

Gabor Szabo ‎– Dreams (1968)

A1.   Galatea's Guitar
A2.   Half The Day Is Night
A3.   Song Of The Injured Love
A4.   The Fortune Teller
B1.   Fire Dance
B2.   The Lady In The Moon (From Kodaly)
B3.   Ferris Wheel

Gabor Szabo ‎– Spellbinder (1966)

A1.   Spellbinder
A2.   Witchcraft
A3.   It Was A Very Good Year
A4.   Gypsy Queen
B1.   Bang Bang (My Baby Shot Me Down)
B2.   Cheetah
B3.   My Foolish Heart
B4.   Yearning
B5.   Autumn Leaves & Speak To Me Of Love

Monday, 24 October 2016

Tamba 4 ‎– Samba Blim (1968)

A1.   Samba Blim
A2.   Watch What Happens
A3.   Weekend
A4.   Palladium
A5.   Quietly
A6.   Know It All
B1.   Reza
B2.   Tristeza De Nos Dois
B3.   San Salvador
B4.   Slick
B5.   Baiano
B6.   Pregāo

Tamba 4 ‎– We And The Sea (1968)

A1.   The Hill (O Morro)
A2.   Flower Girl (Moça Flor)
A3.   Iemanjá
A4.   We And The Sea (Nós E Ou Mar)
B1.   Chant Of Ossanha (Canto De Ossanha)
B2.   Dolphin
B3.   Consolation (Consolação)

Sunday, 23 October 2016

Tribo Massáhi ‎– Estrelando Embaixador (1972)

Timolȏ Timodê
A1.   Walk By Jungle
A2.   Fareuá
A3.   Harmatan
A4.   Dandara
Lido's Square
B1.   Pae Joao
B2.   Menina De Janela
B3.   Oan
B4.   Madrugada Sem Luar

Jürgen Müller ‎– Science Of The Sea (2011)

A1.   Jenseits Des Stromes (Beyond The Tide)
A2.   Meeresbett Meditation (Sea Bed Meditation)
A3.   Das Unfassbare Seepferdchen (The Elusive Seahorse)
A4.   Meergrün (Sea Green)
A5.   Wasserwelt (Waterworld)
A6.   Traumfolge Einier Qualle (Dream Sequence For A Jellyfish)
B1.   Meer Technik (Marine Technology)
B2.   Sauerstoff Blassen (Oxygen Bubbles)
B3.   Korallen Phantasie (Coral Fantasy)
B4.   Nach U-Booten Jagen (Chasing Submarines)
B5.   Unter Weiten Welten (Vast Worlds Beneath)
B6.   Einsame Reise (Lonely Voyage)

Friday, 21 October 2016

Consolidated ‎– Play More Music (1992)

01.   Industrial Music Is Fascism
02.   Tool And Die
03.   CNN
04.   Praxis (Bold As Love)
05.   We Came Here For Music
06.   Accept Me For What I Am
07.   Veggie Beat Manifesto
08.   Why I'm In The Klan
09.   Guerrillas In The Mist
10.   Hello Are You There
11.   Infomodities 92
12.   Animal Rights / Abortion Rights
13.   Wendy O Matik
14.   One More Song
15.   He
16.   I Reckon You Should Shut The Fuck Up And Play Some Music
17.   You Suck
18.   The Men's Movement
19.   Gone Fishing
20.   Labor Vs Leisure
21.   Day On The Green
22.   More Music
23.   Hip O Crits
24.   Industry Corporate
25.   This Isn't A Fuckin Press Conference
26.   Crackhouse
27.   More Music Please

Thursday, 20 October 2016

The Waterboys ‎– Fisherman's Blues (1988)

A1.   Fisherman's Blues
A2.   We Will Not Be Lovers
A3.   Strange Boat
A4.   World Party
A5.   Sweet Thing
B1.   And A Bang On The Ear
B2.   Has Anybody Here Seen Hank?
B3.   When Will We Be Married?
B4.   When Ye Go Away
B5.   Dunford's Fancy
B6.   The Stolen Child

The Waterboys ‎– This Is The Sea (1985)

A1.   Don't Bang The Drum
A2.   The Whole Of The Moon
A3.   Spirit
A4.   The Pan Within
B1.   Medicine Bow
B2.   Old England
B3.   Be My Enemy
B4.   Trumpets
B5.   This Is The Sea

The Waterboys ‎– A Pagan Place (1984)

A1.   Church Not Made With Hands
A2.   All The Things She Gave Me
A3.   The Thrill Is Gone
A4.   Rags
B1.   Somebody Might Wave Back
B2.   The Big Music
B3.   Red Army Blues
B4.   A Pagan Place

Wednesday, 19 October 2016

The Waterboys ‎– The Waterboys (1983)

A1.   December
A2.   A Girl Called Johnny
A3.   The Three Day Man
A4.   Gala
B1.   I Will Not Follow
B2.   It Should Have Been You
B3.   The Girl In The Swing
B4.   Savage Earth Heart

Monday, 17 October 2016

Tuxedomoon & Cult With No Name ‎– Blue Velvet Revisited / MTM VOL. 42 (2015)

01.   Tuxedomoon & Cult With No Name - The Slow Club
02.   Tuxedomoon & Cult With No Name - Lumberton
03.   Tuxedomoon & Cult With No Name - Do It For Van Gogh
04.   Tuxedomoon & Cult With No Name - So Fucking Suave
05.   Tuxedomoon & Cult With No Name - Now It's Dark
06.   Tuxedomoon & Cult With No Name - Dorothy
07.   John Foxx - Lincoln Street
08.   Tuxedomoon & Cult With No Name - A Candy Colored Clown
09.   Tuxedomoon & Cult With No Name - Frank
10.   Tuxedomoon & Cult With No Name - Alligator Briefcase
11.   Tuxedomoon & Cult With No Name - Jeffrey Nothing
12.   Tuxedomoon & Cult With No Name - Until The Robins Come
13.   Tuxedomoon & Cult With No Name - Don

Bérangère Maximin ‎– Dangerous Orbits / MTM VOL. 41 (2015)

1.   Cracks
2.   Glow
3.   A Day Closer
4.   OOP (Our Own Planet)
5.   No Guru Holds Me

Mastered By – Jean-Pierre Chalbos
Music By [All], Recorded By, Composed By, Arranged By, Mixed By – Bérangère Maximin
Performer [Sound Objects, Microphonics], Electronics [Digital Chimeras], Voice – Bérangère Maximin
Photography By [Photographs (Page 2)] – Yuko Tonohira
Photography By [Photographs] – Anton Yakutovych

Jozef Van Wissem ‎– It Is Time For You To Return / MTM VOL. 40 (2014)

1.   If There's Nothing Left Where Will You Go?
2.   Love Destroys All Evil
3.   Once More With Feeling
4.   Confinement
5.   Wherever You Will Live I Will Live
6.   You Can't Take It With You
7.   Temple Dance Of The Soul
8.   After We Leave
9.   Invocation Of The Spirit Spell

Brown, Reininger, Bodson ‎– Clear Tears | Troubled Waters / MTM VOL. 39 (2013)

01.   Caged Bass
02.   Less-More
03.   Tears Matrix
04.   String Crossing
05.   Second Part
06.   Utopia
07.   In A New World
08.   Incantato
09.   Agoria
10.   Five Not One
11.   BB
12.   Seven Not Five
13.   Fibo
14.   Incantato Reprise
15.   Ouverture
16.   Tears Crossing

Tuxedomoon ‎– Bardo Hotel Soundtrack / MTM VOL. 38 (2006)

01.   Hurry Up And Wait (Flying Sequence)
02.   Effervescing In The Nether Sphere
03.   Soup Du Jour
04.   Flying Again
05.   Triptych
06.   I'm Real Stupid
07.   Airport Blues
08.   Needles Prelude
09.   Prometheus Bound
10.   Baron Brown
11.   Jinx
12.   Loneliness
13.   Remote (Pralaya)
14.   Dream Flight
15.   More Flying
16.   Vulcanic, Combustible
17.   Mr. Comfort
18.   Another Flight
19.   Invocation Of
20.   Carry On Circles

Harold Budd & Hector Zazou ‎– Glyph / MTM VOL. 37 (1995)

01.   Pandas In Tandem
02.   You And Me Against The Sky
03.   And Then She Stepped Aside
04.   Around The Corner From Everywhere
05.   Gorgon's Anxious Pansy
06.   Johnny Cake
07.   Reflected In The Eye Of A Dragon Fly
08.   As Fast As I Could Look Away She Was Still There
09.   Autre Django
10.   The Aperture
11.   The Light Gave Us Away

Zelwer ‎– Les Dieux Sont Fâchés / The Gods Are Angry / MTM 36 (1995)

01.   Ira Dei
02.   Les Trompettes Du Diable
03.   Vendo Speranza
04.   E Viva L'Amor!
05.   Dio E Arrabbiato
06.   Eden
07.   Querelle Biblique
08.   Simplicissimus
09.   Les Trésors Du Vatican
10.   Le Jour Ou Allah Bouddha
11.   L'Ame S' En Va

Hector Zazou ‎– Sahara Blue: MTM VOL. 32 (1992)

01.   I'll Strangle You
02.   First Evening
03.   Ophélie
04.   Lines
05.   To A Reason
06.   Hapolot Kenym
07.   Hunger
08.   Sahara Blue (Brussels)
09.   Amdyaz
10.   Victim Of Stars
11.   Harar Et Les Gallas
12.   Lettre Au Directeur Des Messageries Maritimes