Wednesday, 28 September 2016

Siouxsie And The Banshees ‎– Hyaena (1984)

A1.   Dazzle
A2.   We Hunger
A3.   Take Me Back
A4.   Belladonna
A5.   Swimming Horses
B1.   Bring Me The Head Of The Preacher Man
B2.   Runnong Town
B3.   Pointing Bone
B4.   Blow The House Down

Siouxsie And The Banshees ‎– A Kiss In The Dreamhouse (1982)

A1.   Cascade
A2.   Green Fingers
A3.   Obsession
A4.   She's A Carnival
A5.   Circle
B1.   Melt!
B2.   Painted Bird
B3.   Cocoon
B4.   Slowdive

Siouxsie And The Banshees ‎– Kaleidoscope (1980)

A1.   Happy House
A2.   Tenant
A3.   Trophy
A4.   Hybrid
A5.   Clockface
A6.   Lunar Camel
B1.   Christine
B2.   Desert Kisses
B3.   Red Light
B4.   Paradise Place
B5.   Skin

Siouxsie And The Banshees ‎– The Scream (1978)

A1.   Pure
A2.   Jigsaw Feeling
A3.   Overground
A4.   Carcass
A5.   Helter Skelter
B1.   Mirage
B2.   Metal Postcard (Mittageisen)
B3.   Nicotine Stain
B4.   Suburban Relapse
B5.   Switch

Tuesday, 27 September 2016

Scritti Politti ‎– Provision (1988)

A1.   Boom! There She Was
A2.   Overnite
A3.   First Boy In This Town (Lovesick)
A4.   All That We Are
A5.   Best Thing Ever
B1.   Oh Patti (Don't Feel Sorry For Loverboy)
B2.   Bam Salute
B3.   Sugar And Spice
B4.   Philosophy Now

Scritti Politti ‎– Songs To Remember (1982)

A1.   Asylums In Jerusalem
A2.   A Slow Soul
A3.   Jacques Derrida
A4.   Lions After Slumber
A5.   Faithless
B1.   Sex
B2.   Rock-A-Boy Blue
B3.   Gettin' Havin' & Holdin'
B4.   The Sweetest Girl

Skylab ‎– Skylab #2: 1999 "Large As Life And Twice As Natural" (1999)

01.   Mothra/Cashmere
02.   Bunny Castle
03.   Mother's Milk
04.   Crocodile #2
05.   Ghost
06.   Breakfast Girl
07.   ? Pt. 3
08.   ? Pt. 2
09.   Magenta
10.   Hypnotika
11.   "Please"

Skylab ‎– Skylab#1 (1994)

01.   River Of Bass
02.   Seashell
03.   Depart
04.   Next
05.   Ghost Dance
06.   Shhh
07.   Tokyo 1
08.   Indigo
09.   Ah Ee Mu
10.   Tokyo Elevator
11.   Electric Blue
12.   Six Nine

Monday, 26 September 2016

In Aeternam Vale ‎– Dust Under Brightness (2012)

A1.   Dust Under Brightness (2)
A2.   Dance Binaire
A3.   Twist Again
A4.   Mat
B1.   Metal
B2.   Annie
B3.   AL W
B4.   Strawberry Flower
B5.   Vale On Strike

Esplendor Geometrico ‎– Eg1 (1982)

EG 01
01.   Muerte A Escala Industrial
02.   Neuridrina
03.   El Cabecilla Del Vaticano
04.   La Ciudad De Los Héroes Rojos
05.   Amor En Mauthaussen
06.   P.I.E. (Versión)
07.   Destrozaron Sus Ovarios
08.   Quince Años Tiene Mi Amor
09.   Maria Luisa
Unreleased Tracks
10.   El Sentido Es El Uso
11.   Edad Del Hierro
Demo Tracks
12.   Moscú Está Helado
13.   Unidad De Control
14.   Horno Fundidor

Ceramic Hello ‎– The Absence Of A Canary (1980)

A1.   The Diesquad
A2.   Ex / Im
A3.   Climatic Nouveaux
A4.   Conversation Between Units
A5.   Geometry
A6.   Staticarnival
B1.   Symphony Of Shudders
B2.   A Grey Man
B3.   Footsteps In The Fog
B4.   Ringing In The Sane
B5.   Trio
B6.   Gestures
B7.   Little Tune (Warlike)
B8.   Dig That Crazy Beat

Andie Oppenheimer ‎– New Mexico (1982)

01.   Don't Be Seen With Me
02.   Scorpions
03.   Radiance
04.   Men In White Coats
05.   Modern Wonder
06.   Subterranean Desire
07.   Martyr
08.   The Devil's Dancers
09.   New Mexico
10.   Security Risk
11.   Behind The Shades
12.   Cold War
13.   You Won't Forget Me (Bonus)

Sunday, 25 September 2016

VA – The Minimal Wave Tapes Volume Two (2012)

01.   Hard Corps - Dirty
02.   In Trance 95 - Presidente
03.   Philippe Laurent - Distorsion
04.   Das Ding - H.S.T.A.
05.   Subject - What Happened To You?
06.   Ohama - The Drum
07.   Geneva Jacuzzi - The Sleep Room
08.   Antonym - Cinnamon Air
09.   Ruins - Fire
10.   Ende Shneafliet - Animals From Outer Space
11.   Felix Kubin - Japan Japan
12.   Class Info - Out Of Line
13.   In Aeternam Vale - Annie
14.   Aural Indifference - Theme

VA ‎– The Minimal Wave Tapes Volume One (2010)

01.   Linear Movement - Way Out Of Living
02.   Crash Course In Science - Flying Turns
03.   Oppenheimer Analysis - Radiance
04.   Mark Lane - Who's Really Listening
05.   Tara Cross - Tempus Fugit
06.   Turquoise Days - Blurred
07.   Bene Gesserit - Mickey, Please...
08.   Esplendor Geométrico - Moscú Está Helado
09.   Das Ding - Reassurance Ritual
10.   Martin Dupont - Just Because
11.   Deux - Game & Performance
12.   Somnambulist - Things I Was Due To Forget
13.   Ohama - My Time
14.   Das Kabinette - The Cabinet

Saturday, 24 September 2016

Solar Moon ‎– Guestbook (2003)

01.   Fe Real
02.   Over The Line
03.   Les Vacances
04.   Aerosol
05.   Snowflakes
06,   Short Rain
07.   Mount Zion
08.   Quattro
09.   Inside Out
10.   Red

Vicente Barreto ‎– Cambaco (2015)

01.   Cambaco
02.   Karina
03.   É Tipo De Conversa
04.   Tataravô
05.   Boró
06.   Sabiás
07.   Batendo Sabão
08.   Herança
09.   Jardim Japão
10.   Chororô
11.   Preço Do Amanhecer

Friday, 23 September 2016

Vicente Barreto ‎– Nação Brasileira (1986)

A1.   Moça Do Leblon
A2.   Gaiola
A3.   Beijo De Lua
A4.   O Sanfoneiro
A5.   Teias Do Coração
B1.   Pirapora
B2.   Amor De Papel
B3.   Mudança Do Tempo
B4.   Cangaíba
B5.   Maracatu Nação Brasileira

Milton Nascimento & Lô Borges ‎– Clube Da Esquina (1972)

A1.   Tudo Que Você Podia Ser
A2.   Cais
A3.   O Trem Azul
A4.   Saidas E Bandeiras No. 1
A5.   Nuvem Cigana
A6.   Cravo E Canela
B1.   Dos Cruces
B2.   Um Girassol Da Côr De Seu Cabelo
B3.   San Vicente
B4.   Estrélas
B5.   Clube Da Esquina No. 2
C1    Paisagem Da Janela
C2.   Me Deixa Em Paz
C3.   Os Povos
C4.   Saidas E Bandeiras No. 2
C5.   Um Gôsto De Sol
D1.   Pelo Amor De Deus
D2.   Lilia
D3.   Trem De Doido
D4.   Nada Será Como Antes
D5.   Ao Que Vai Nascer

The Magnetic Fields ‎– 69 Love Songs (1999)

1-01.   Absolutely Cuckoo
1-02.   I Don't Believe In The Sun
1-03.   All My Little Words
1-04.   A Chicken With Its Head Cut Off
1-05.   Reno Dakota
1-06.   I Don't Want To Get Over You
1-07.   Come Back From San Francisco
1-08.   The Luckiest Guy On The Lower East Side
1-09.   Let's Pretend We're Bunny Rabbits
1-10.   The Cactus Where Your Heart Should Be
1-11.   I Think I Need A New Heart
1-12.   The Book Of Love
1-13.   Fido, Your Leash Is Too Long
1-14.   How Fucking Romantic
1-15.   The One You Really Love
1-16.   Punk Love
1.17.   Parades Go By
1-18.   Boa Constrictor
1-19.   A Pretty Girl Is Like...
1-20.   My Sentimental Melody
1-21.   Nothing Matters When We're Dancing
1-22.   Sweet-Lovin' Man
1-23.   The Things We Did And Didn't Do
2-01.   Roses
2-02.   Love Is Like Jazz
2-03.   When My Boy Walks Down The Street
2-04.   Time Enough For Rocking When We're Old
2-05.   Very Funny
2-06.   Grand Canyon
2-07.   No One Will Ever Love You
2-08.   If You Don't Cry
2-09.   You're My Only Home
2-10.   (Crazy For You But) Not That Crazy
2-11.   My Only Friend
2-12.   Promises Of Eternity
2-13.   World Love
2-14.   Washington, D.C.
2-15.   Long-Forgotten Fairytale
2-16.   Kiss Me Like You Mean It
2-17.   Papa Was A Rodeo
2-18.   Epitaph For My Heart
2-19.   Asleep And Dreaming
2-20.   The Sun Goes Down And The World Goes Dancing
2-21.   The Way You Say Good-Night
2-22.   Abigail, Belle Of Kilronan
2-23.   I Shatter
3-01.   Underwear
3-02.   It's A Crime
3-03.   Busby Berkeley Dreams
3-04.   I'm Sorry I Love You
3-05.   Acoustic Guitar
3-06.   The Death Of Ferdinand De Saussure
3-07.   Love In The Shadows
3-08.   Bitter Tears
3-09.   Wi' Nae Wee Bairn Ye'll Me Beget
3-10.   Yeah! Oh, Yeah!
3-11.   Experimental Music Love
3-12.   Meaningless
3-13.   Love Is Like A Bottle Of Gin
3-14.   Queen Of The Savages
3-15.   Blue You
3-16.   I Can't Touch You Anymore
3-17.   Two Kinds Of People
3-18.   How To Say Goodbye
3-19.   The Night You Can't Remember
3-20.   For We Are The King Of The Boudoir
3-21.   Strange Eyes
3-22.   Xylophone Track
3-23.   Zebra

Bryan Ferry ‎– Boys And Girls (1985)

A1.   Sensation
A2.   Slave To Love
A3.   Don't Stop The Dance
A4.   A Waste Land
A5.   Windswept
B1.   The Chosen One
B2.   Valentine
B3.   Stone Woman
B4.   Boys And Girls

Thursday, 22 September 2016

Sofa Surfers ‎– Constructions: Sofa Surfers Remixed And Dubbed (2000)

01.   If It Were Not For You (Ian Simmonds Remix)
02.   The Low Rider / The Long Rider (Sofa Surfers Remix)
03.   Sofa Rockers (Richard Dorfmeister Remix)
04.   Beans And Rice Dub (Mad Professor Remix)
05.   Tsetse Fly (Hi Tek Steppas Meet The Demon Flowers Uptown Remix)
06.   Teig
07.   Container/The Low Rider Meltdown (Enduro Remix)
08.   Life In Malmö (Mum Remix)
09.   Guns 'N' Bombs 'N' Knives (Eardrum Remix)
10.   Scissors, Paper, Stone Collage (The Sons Of Silence Remix)
11.   Sweat (Tom Tyler Remix)
12.   Container (Howie B Remix)
13.   Walking Ghosts (Uko Remix)
14.   Asked For Water (I Asked For A Remix For Another Planet) (Spectre Remix)

Sunday, 18 September 2016

The Pogues ‎– If I Should Fall From Grace With God (1988)

A1.   If I Should Fall From Grace With God
A2.   Turkish Song Of The Damned
A3.   Bottle Of Smoke
A4.   Fairytale Of New York
A5.   Metropolis
A6.   Thousands Are Sailing
B1.   Fiesta
B2.   Medley (The Recruiting Sergeant/The Rocky Road To Dublin/Galway Races)
B3.   Streets Of Sorrow / Birmingham Six
B4.   Lullaby Of London
B5.   Sit Down By The Fire
B6.   The Broad Majestic Shannon
B7.   Worms

Saturday, 17 September 2016

The Pogues ‎– Rum Sodomy & The Lash (1985)

A1.   The Sick Bed Of Cúchulainn
A2.   The Old Main Drag
A3.   Wild Cats Of Kilkenny
A4.   I'm A Man You Don't Meet Every Day
A5.   A Pair Of Brown Eyes
A6.   Sally MacLennane
B1.   Dirty Old Town
B2.   Jesse James
B3.   Navigator
B4.   Billy's Bones
B5.   The Gentleman Soldier
B6.   And The Band Played Waltzing Matilda

Friday, 16 September 2016

Kevin Morby ‎– Singing Saw (2016)

1.   Cut Me Down
2.   I Have Been To The Mountain
3.   Singing Saw
4.   Drunk And On A Star
5.   Dorothy
6.   Ferris Wheel
7.   Destroyer
8.   Black Flowers
9.   Water

Thursday, 15 September 2016

Antena ‎– Camino Del Sol (1982)

A1.   Achilles
A2.   Silly Things
B1.   Camino Del Sol
B2.   Bye Bye Papaye
B3.   Sisséxa