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P.D.Q. Bach ‎– A Little Nightmare Music (1983)

Opera In One Irrevocable Act (S. 13)
1.   Aria: "What Sweet Music"
2.  Aria: "Nature Gave Us Eyes"
3.  Duet: "Uh Oh"
4.  Finale: "What Hutzpah!"

Octoot For Wind Instruments (S. 8)
5.  Vite, Tout De Suite
6.  Lent, Tout Au Moins
7.  Minuet Et, Tout À L'Heure, Trio
8.  Chanson: "Toute L'Année, Hey, Hey, Hey"
9 . Tout À Coup Le Bout
Royal Firewater Musick (S. 1/5)

10.  Long; Neat; Long
11. March On The Rocks
12.  Minute With A Twist
13. Sarabande Straight Up
14.  One For The Road

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  1. Great! I love Schickele and nof finding all these makes me sooo happy!! Thank you very much!

    Stuffy fromn Sweden