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Mummer ‎– SoulOrganismState (2006)

01.   Willoweep
02.   I Spy
03.   Every Little Thing
04.   Baby, Don't You Go
05.   Final Conclusion
06.   Inside My Shell
07.   Hey, You Did
08.   When I Go Home
09.   Love To Be
10.   Seven Doctors
11.   Walk
12.   Every Bird Is Wishing

The Allenko Brotherhood Ensemble ‎– The Allenko Brotherhood Ensemble (2001)

01.   Troublemakers - Allen Fresh
02.   Son Of Scientists Feat. Eska - The Drum
03.   Tweak - Leroy
04.   Unsung Heroes & Ty Feat. Breis - Right Here In Front Of You
05.   Cinematic Orchestra - Brotherhood
06.   Joakim Lone - Machine Sun Construction
07.   Boozoo Bajou - Yoruba Road
08.   Kraked Unit - Man With The Drum
09.   Rogall - Rogallen
10.   Jeff Sharel - Afrocosmic Drums
11.   Off-World Ensemble - Dance Of Loa
12.   Biggabush - Drumfire

Erasmo Carlos ‎– Carlos, Erasmo... (1971)

A1.   De Noite Na Cama
A2.   Masculino, Feminino
A3.   É Preciso Dar Um Jeito, Meu Amigo
A4.   Dois Animais Na Selva Suja Da Rua
A5.   Gente Aberta
A6.   Agora Ninguém Chora Mais
B1.   Sodoma E Gomorra
B2.   Mundo Deserto
B3.   Não Te Quero Santa
B4.   Ciça, Cecília
B5.   Em Busca Das Canções Perdidas Nº 2
B6.   26 Anos De Vida Normal
B7.   Maria Joana

quinta-feira, 20 de julho de 2017

LSB ‎– Content (2016)

01.   Lydian
02.   Pandora
03.   Missing You
04.   The Optimist
05.   I Need Love
06.   Circle
07.   Blinding
08.   Capture My Heart
09.   Losing You
10.   Sketch For My Sweetheart
11.   Catching Lightening

Sampladélicos ‎– Não Nos Deixeis Cair Em Tradição (2016)

01.   Tá A Andar, O Tiago A Filmar Velhas
02.   Transumância Ou O Pastor A Dar Ordens Ao Cão
03.   Amolador de Arame
04.   O poeta do Alentejo
05.   O acordeonista e o Aleijado
06.   Chico vai ao Jardim das Damas
07.   Consulta para preencher o papel
08.   Embala o menino na torre e no berço
09.   A volta a Portugal em samplers
10.   Maluco Tau Tau
11.   Drop Barrancos
12.   Polifonia do menino jesus
13.   É do outro Mundo
14.   Alma trava Algarvia
15.   O fado do bombo da Aldeia
16.   Loucuras nas paredes do Minho

Glenn Branca Featuring Z'ev ‎– Symphony No. 2 (The Peak Of The Sacred) (1992)

1.   1st Movement (Slow Mass)
2.   2nd Movement (Radioactive Poltergeist Kitchen)
3.   3rd Movement (Melodrama And Nuclear Physics In The Global Theater)
4.   4th Movement (Sacred Field)
5.   5th Movement (In The Late 20th Century The Impossible Becomes Possible (Short Excerpt)

Glenn Branca ‎– Symphony No. 6 (Devil Choirs At The Gates Of Heaven) (1989)

A1.   First Movement
A2.   Second Movement
B1.   Third Movement
B2.   Fourth Movement
B3.   Fifth Movement

Glenn Branca / John Giorno ‎– Who You Staring At? (1982)

A1.   Music For The Dance Bad Smells Choreographed By
B1.   Stretching It Wider
B2.   We Got Here Yesterday, We're Here Now, And I Can't Wait

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BeatBombers ‎– Beatbombers LP (2017)

01.   Beatbombers Intro
02.   Wind It Up (feat. D-STYLES & DJ KENTARO)
03.   Puristas (feat. SLOW J)
04.   The Professionals (feat. DJ Fakser)
05.   Headliner (feat. Adilson Evora)
06.   Beatbombers Airlines (feat. FUSE)
07.   What The F##K (feat. Phoenix RDC)
08.   Pursuit (feat. Razat)
09.   We Go Hard Interlude
10.   Takin Over (feat. Supa Squad)
11.   Rising (feat. Ricardo Gordo)
12.   20 Primaveras (feat. MAZE & HOLLY)
13.   Real Shit (feat. Bass Brothers)
14.   O Que É um Dj?

segunda-feira, 17 de julho de 2017

Laub ‎– Deinetwegen (2007)

01.   Covering
02.   Deinetwegen
03.   Tofu
04.   Schnee
05.   Ein Herz In Uns
06.   Country Code
07.   D-Land
08.   Sommer 2006
09.   Analog
10.   Ruf

Tony Bennett ‎– Sings Ellington Hot & Cool (1999)

01.   Do Nothin' Till You Hear From Me
02.   Mood Indigo
03.   She's Got It Bad (And That Ain't Good)
04.   Caravan
05.   Chelsea Bridge
06.   Azure
07.   I'm Just A Lucky So And So
08.   In A Sentimental Mood
09.   Don't Get Around Much Anymore
10.   Sophisticated Lady
11.   In A Mellow Tone
12.   Day Dream
13.   Prelude To A Kiss
14.   It Don't Mean A Thing (If It Ain't Got That Swing)

Theoretical Girls ‎– Theoretical Girls (2002)

01.   Theoretical Girls (Live)
02.   Computer Dating
03.   Contrary Motion
04.   Europe Man
05.   Lovin In The Red
06.   Mom & Dad
07.   U.S. Millie
08.   No More Sex
09.   Keyboard Etude
10.   Nato
11.   Electronic Angie (Short Version)
12.   Chicita Bonita
13.   Polytonal
14.   Parlez-Vous Francais
15.   Theoretical Girls (Studio)
16.   Chicita Bonita (Second Version)
17.   Lovin In The Red (Second Version)
18.   Computer Dating (Second Version)

domingo, 16 de julho de 2017

Orange Juice ‎– Coals To Newcastle (2010)

The Glasgow School

CD1-01.   Falling And Laughing
CD1-02.   Moscow
CD1-03.   Moscow Olympics
CD1-04.   Felicity (Live)
CD1-05.   Blue Boy
CD1-06.   Love Sick
CD1-07.   Simply Thrilled Honey
CD1-08.   Breakfast Time
CD1-09.   Poor Old Soul, Pt. 1
CD1-10.   Poor Old Soul, Pt. 2
CD1-11.   Louise Louise
CD1-12.   Three Cheers For Our Side
CD1-13.   (To Put It In A) Nutshell
CD1-14.   Satellite City
CD1-15.   Consolation Prize
CD1-16.   Holiday Hymn
CD1-17.   Intuition Told Me, Pt. 1
CD1-18.   Intuition Told Me, Pt. 2
CD1-19.   Wan Light
CD1-20.   Dying Day
CD1-21.   Texas Fever
CD1-22.   Tender Object
CD1-23.   Poor Old Soul (French Version)
CD1-24.   Poor Old Soul (Instrumental Version)
CD1-25.   Simply Thrilled Honey (Live)
CD1-26.   Botswana (Live)
CD1-27.   Time To Develop (Live)
CD1-28.   Blue Boy (Live)

You Can't Hide Your Love Forever

CD2-01.   Falling And Laughing
CD2-02.   Untitled Melody
CD2-03.   Wan Light
CD2-04.   Tender Object
CD2-05.   Dying Day
CD2-06.   L.O.V.E. Love
CD2-07.   Intuition Told Me, Pt. 1
CD2-08.   Upwards And Onwards
CD2-09.   Satellite City
CD2-10.   Three Cheers For Our Side
CD2-11.   Consolation Prize
CD2-12.   Felicity
CD2-13.   In A Nutshell
CD2-14.   Intuition Told Me, Pt. 2
CD2-15.   Moscow
CD2-16.   You Old Eccentric
CD2-17.   Two Hearts Together (10" Version)
CD2-18.   I Can't Help Myself (7" Version)
CD2-19.   Tongues Begin To Wag
CD2-20.   Barbeque

Rip It Up

CD3-01.   Rip It Up
CD3-02.   A Million Pleading Faces
CD3-03.   Mud In Your Eye
CD3-04.   Turn Away
CD3-05.   Breakfast Time
CD3-06.   I Can't Help Myself
CD3-07.   Flesh Of My Flesh
CD3-08.   Louise Louise
CD3-09.   Hokoyo
CD3-10.   Tenterhook
CD3-11.   Rip It Up (12" Version)
CD3-12.   Snake Charmer
CD3-13.   Lovesick (Re-recording)
CD3-14.   Flesh Of My Flesh (7" Version)
CD3-15.   Lord John White And The Bottleneck Train (12" Version)
CD3-16.   Flesh Of My Flesh (12" Version)
CD3-17.   All That Ever Mattered

Texas Fever

CD4-01.   Bridge
CD4-02.   Craziest Feeling
CD4-03.   Punch Drunk
CD4-04.   The Day I Went Down To Texas
CD4-05.   A Place In My Heart
CD4-06.   A Sad Lament
CD4-07.   Out For The Count
CD4-08.   Bridge (Summer '83 Version)
CD4-09.   Poor Old Soul (Re-recording)
CD4-10.   Leaner Period
CD4-11.   Move Yourself
CD4-12.   The Day I Went Down To Texas (Flexi Version)
CD4-13.   Craziest Feeling
CD4-14.   Bridge
CD4-15.   The Day I Went Down To Texas
CD4-16.   A Place In My Heart
CD4-17.   Out For The Count
CD4-18.   Punch Drunk

The Orange Juice

CD5-01.   Lean Period
CD5-02.   I Guess I'm Just A Little Too Sensitive
CD5-03.   Burning Desire
CD5-04.   Scaremonger
CD5-05.   The Artisans
CD5-06.   What Presence?!
CD5-07.   Out For The Count
CD5-08.   Get While The Gettings Good
CD5-09.   All That Ever Mattered
CD5-10.   Salmon Fishing In New York
CD5-11.   What Presence?! (12" Version)
CD5-12.   A Place In My Heart (12" Dub Version)
CD5-13.   In A Nutshell (Live)
CD5-14.   Simply Thrilled Honey (Live)
CD5-15.   Dying Day (Live)
CD5-16.   Bury My Head In My Hands
CD5-17.   Lean Period (12" Dub Version)
CD5-18.   Rip It Up (Live)
CD5-19.   What Presence?! (Live)
CD5-20.   Burning Desire (''Alexis'' Mix)
CD5-21.   All That Ever Mattered (Alternative Version)

BBC Sessions

CD6-01.   Poor Old Soul (BBC Radio 1 John Peel, 30/10/80)
CD6-02.   You Old Eccentric (BBC Radio 1 John Peeln, 30/10/80)
CD6-03.   Falling And Laughing (BBC Radio 1 John Peel, 30/10/80)
CD6-04.   Lovesick (BBC Radio 1 John Peel, 30/10/80)
CD6-05.   Upwards And Onwards (BBC Radio 1 Richard Skinner, 19/1/81
CD6-06.   Wan Light (BBC Radio 1 Richard Skinner, 19/1/81)
CD6-07.   Felicity (BBC Radio 1 Richard Skinner, 19/1/81)
CD6-08.   Dying Day (BBC Radio 1 John Peel, 10/8/81)
CD6-09.   Holiday Hymn (BBC Radio 1 John Peel, 10/8/81)
CD6-10.   Three Cheers For Our Side (BBC Radio 1 John Peel, 10/8/81
CD6-11.   Blokes On 45 (BBC Radio 1 John Peel, 10/8/81)
CD6-12.   Mud In Your Eye (BBC Radio 1 Kid Jensen, 4/5/82)
CD6-13.   I Can't Help Myself (BBC Radio 1 Kid Jensen, 4/5/82)
CD6-14.   In Spite Of It All (BBC Radio 1 Kid Jensen, 4/5/82)
CD6-15.   Turn Away (BBC Radio 1 Kid Jensen, 4/5/82)
CD6-16.   What Presence?! (BBC Radio 1 Kid Jensen, 22/2/84)
CD6-17.   Salmon Fishing In New York (BBC Radio 1 Kid Jensen, 22/2/84)
CD6-18.   Bridge (BBC Radio 1 Kid Jensen, 22/2/84)
CD6-19.   BBC Interview (Part One) (With Richard Skinner, 1983)
CD6-20.   BBC Interview (Part Two) (With Richard Skinner, 1983)

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Apparat ‎– Walls (2007)

01.   Not A Number
02.   Hailin From The Edge
03.   Useless Information
04.   Limelight
05.   Holdon
06.   Fractales Pt.1
07.   Fractales Pt.2
08.   Birds
09.    Arcadia
10.   You Don't Know Me
11.   Headup
12.   Over And Over
13.   Like Porcelain

Electric Samurai ‎– Switched On Rock (1974)

A1.   Yesterday
A2.   Let It Be
A3.   Imagine
A4.   Hey Jude
A5.   Jail House Rock
A6.   Love Me Tender
B1.   Polk Salad Annie
B2.   You Don't Have To Say You Love Me
B3.   The Sounds Of Silence
B4.   Mrs Robinson
B5.   El Condor Pasa
B6.   Bridge Over Trouble Water

Cocteau Twins ‎– Milk & Kisses (1996)

01.   Violaine
02.   Serpentskirt
03.   Tishbite
04.   Half-Gifts
05.   Calfskin Smack
06.   Rilkean Heart
07.   Ups
08.   Eperdu
09.   Treasure Hiding
10.   Seekers Who Are Lovers

Cocteau Twins ‎– Four-Calendar Café (1993)

01.   Know Who You Are At Every Age
02.   Evangeline
03.   Bluebeard
04.   Theft, And Wandering Around Lost
05.   Oil Of Angels
06.   Squeeze-Wax
07.   My Truth
08.   Essence
09.   Summerhead
10.   Pur

sexta-feira, 14 de julho de 2017

Cocteau Twins ‎– Heaven Or Las Vegas (1990)

01.   Cherry-Coloured Funk
02.   Pitch The Baby
03.   Iceblink Luck
04.   Fifty-Fifty Clown
05.   Heaven Or Las Vegas
06.   I Wear Your Ring
07.   Fotzepolitic
08.   Wolf In The Breast
09.   Road, River And Rail
10.   Frou-Frou Foxes In Midsummer Fires

Cocteau Twins ‎– Blue Bell Knoll (1988)

01.   Blue Bell Knoll
02.   Athol-Brose
03.   Carolyn's Fingers
04.   For Phoebe Still A Baby
05.   The Itchy Glowbo Blow
06.   Cico Buff
07.   Suckling The Mender
08.   Spooning Good Singing Gum
09.   A Kissed Out Red Floatboat
10.   Ella Megalast Burls Forever